Using Rhizome Barrier

HDPE  Rhizome Barrier keeps bamboo in its place

Restrict Clumping Bamboo


This will stop the clump from expanding over the boundary

For medium Clumping Bamboo 3 – 8 metres tall

Install Barrier, approx. 450 mm deep x 1 metre (18″ x 3′), to prevent growth in a particular direction.

For example, hard up against a boundary or adjacent to a pathway.

1. Dig planting hole and position bamboo as far from boundary as suitable.

2. Position barrier next to bamboo.

3. Backfill.

Restrict Running Bamboo

escpae proof

Here’s our ‘escape-proof’ planter, make the barrier 900 mm deep (that’s 3′)

Download the ‘escape proof’ planter set up -pdf – right here

Isolate existing Running Bamboo

(in hindsight)


Trench into existing bamboo grove to twice the depth of the existing rhizome material.

Lay Rhizome Barrier sloping away at the top and towards the bamboo grove at the bottom.

Back-fill both sides. Don’t use sharp objects against the Barrier. Sand is fine.

It is Mr Bamboo policy that we install rhizome barrier when we plant bamboo along boundaries. We do it for you.

HDPE* Rhizome Barrier

So what does it cost?

HDPE barrier material is supplied off-the-roll, either 600 mm ($20 per metre), or 450 mm wide ($10 per metre), it’s easy to cut with a box knife.

Contact us for prices of…
HDPE Rhizome Barrier 450 mm deep x 50 m roll

HDPE Rhizome Barrier 900 mm deep x 40 m roll

*  High Density PolyEthelyne