Who is Mr Bamboo?

In 1984 I started selling my bamboo into Sydney. I had just returned from a study period in Japan at Kyoto Botanical Gardens and the Kyoto Rakusai Koen. While in Japan I needed to learn how to confine bamboo to make it ‘safe’.

Life with bamboo

Make bamboo safe and there is a potential market as well as a whole career.

Having the opportunity to meet and study with Ueda Koichiro. At the time a Living Japanese Treasure for his work with bamboo. In later correspondence with professor Ueda I outlined my business plan for ‘escape proof’ bamboo, growing as privacy screens between houses, he responded that bamboo is not used this way in Japan where they have much less space.
Nowadays of course, we only plant Clumping Bamboo in the ground. Running Bamboo is for containers.

Welcome to visit our bamboo garden in Terrey Hills, Sydney. You’ll love it.