‘escape proof’ bamboo

Running Bamboo needs to be confined to prevent it spreading. Either in containers or read our piece on growing bamboo in large planters
To grow bamboo in the ground, we suggest that one of the many Clumping Bamboo species be considered.

Ok! Running bamboo it is then

Fortunately bamboo is a shallow rooted plant, it can be confined indefinitely, within a suitably designed “escape proof” planter. The material used is HDPE, a flexible plastic which can be formed into any shape.

The ‘escape proof’ planter (Rhizome barrier)

The ‘escape proof’ planter is set into the ground, deeper than the bamboo rhizome mass.
Between 600 mm and 900 mm deep.
Please refer to the complete setup drawings (PDF 835Kb), adapting them where necessary, to fit your…plan.
We recommend planters be 900 mm deep. 600 mm barrier is used for shallow or very poor soil.

If helpful, mark out your idea on the ground using a can of spray paint.

The HDPE Rhizome Barrier is supplied off-the-roll, either 600 mm or 900 mm wide, it’s easy to cut with a box knife.

Soil level

With the bamboo installed, soil level outside the planter can be flush with the top of the planter.
However, the soil level inside the planter should be at least 50mm below the lip.
New rhizome that grows over the edge can be seen and cut off.

To Finish

Water well and top dress with fertilizer. Annual maintenance will be required to keep the bamboo looking fresh. So actually it isn’t the ‘finish’ at all.

How to size your planter

Bamboo height Min. planter diameter

4 metres (12′) 500mm (19″)
6 metres (18′) 600mm (23″)
10 metres (30′)1000mm (39″)
10 metres 1500mm +

planter detail

Castilloni Bamboo confined in a completed ‘escape proof’ planter. The soil level outside is flush with the top of the planter

Too Late? bamboo already out of control?


To isolate existing Running Bamboo (in hindsight)

Trench into existing bamboo grove to twice the depth of the existing rhizome material.
Lay Rhizome Barrier sloping away at the top and towards the bamboo grove at the bottom.
Back-fill both sides. Sand is good as it will protect the Rhizome Barrier. Don’t incorporate any rocks against Barrier.

How to kill the bamboo outside the Rhizome Barrier

removing bamboo

Or you can contact Mr Bamboo maintenance service. We work while you Pina Colada on the patio.