Malay Pygmy

put malay pygmy in your office

Malay Pygmy Bamboo,

Pogonatherum paniceum

From: Malaysia


I first saw this plant growing indoors, looking lovely. It loves water. Soft, long foliage. A small, non-invasive bamboo lookalike.


Grow it next to your waterfall. Plant it along a border for a soft line of greenery. Hangs over the side of containers. Lushly.

malay pygmy as a potted plant


This is not bamboo but a grass. We include it here because it has a clumping habit and there is no Clumping bamboo for this landscaping niche, only Runners. A versatile plant with very fine and long, bright green leaves. Forms a dense mound of foliage to 400 mm high.


Needs constant moisture but can handle sun or shade. Drying out can be the end of it. Try indoors, I did. In the office on your desk.

So what’s it cost?

SizeAvailability    Price
125mm pot; 0.1m tallavailable$10
255mm pot; 0.4m tallavailable$30

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