Walking Stick Bamboo


Qiongzhuea tumidissinoda, some say, Chimonobambusa tumidissinoda

(alias; Big Node Bamboo).

From Western China

This is a rare bamboo. After numerous failures we have built up some numbers. Not so difficult after all.


Can grow to 3 metres tall with culms 1 cm, diameter. It likes humidity, good drainage and a pH of around 6. Cold winters? No problemo 20°C.

Katsura pot

Katsura pot


Sought out for its delicious shoots. Preferred for use as walking sticks all over China and for export, hard to find nowdays. It makes a special container plant, with its interesting culms and gentle foliage.

How fast will it grow?

Growth rate will depend a lot on climatefood and water. Small plants are slow to get going, enjoy the wait.

So what’s it cost?

SizeAvailabilitySale Price
200mm pot; 0.4m tallON SALE $40
300mm pot; 1m tall ON SALE $120
400mm pot; 1.5m tall ON SALE $264

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