Black Bamboo

black bamboo feature

Phyllostachys nigra

Springtime in a bamboo grove
Overnight, green and red shoots burst through fallen leaves.

From: Taiwan, China


Reaches up 7 – 8 m, the culm diameter up to 5cm. The new culms start off green, darkening every day (especially when exposed to the sun) until they turn shiny, ebony. The dark green leaves can brown off at the tips as a consequence of water stress. Black Bamboo can be induced to be small, with delicate culms, if the larger culms are cut out. The remaining small culms will be the mother culms for small culms in the following Spring.


Isolated grove, pot culture, privacy screen where light foliage is required.


black indoors

The plant itself can withstand -20 degrees Celcius but foliage can be damaged by temperatures of -12 degrees Celcius.


Shiny, black bamboo culms take years to get used to. Pots with bamboo need adequate food and water to really look the way bamboo should look. You may need to re-pot after a few years.
The black pigment of the wood is fairly stable, although fades quickly to brown in the sun. Black Bamboo is used as inlay by the crafty Japanese.

Black bamboo planted either side of a pathway is pretty special.

How fast will it grow?

Of course, growth rate depends a lot on climate, food and water.
Small plants are slow to get going. Black is lovely when small and slender in a pot, anyway..

Are you looking for a non-invasive Black Bamboo?

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NSW Weedwise advice

Black Bamboo (Phyllostachys species) comes under the Biosecurity Act. These plants should not be planted in the ground in urban areas because of their ability to spread via underground rhizome. Please use a container. If the container is placed onto soil the rhizome can escape through the drainage holes in the container. To stop this happening please use a saucer under the pot or place the pot onto paving.

So… what does it cost?

255mm pot; 0.5-1m tallavailable$70
300mm pot; 1-3m tall available $140
400mm pot; 3-5m tallnot available $300
500mm pot; 5m plusnot available $550