Timor Black

timor black closeup

Bambusa lako

From Timor – where the climate is warm


The large, bright green leaves on ebony pillars. Only recently classified by botanists. Where they been?


Timor Black has to be a hit in shopping malls or where a striking plant is needed


Thick, black culms, with some thin, green striping, will reach 15 m. or more in the tropics. However, in sub-tropical zones rarely more than 8 – 10 m. Timor Black grows quite upright and makes a fairly open clump with a just little help. To achieve this remove culms once they reach 3-4 years. Large tropical leaves begin 1/3 to 1/4 way up the culm.

mature timor clump
Beautiful proportions and black culms, mmm an exotic element.


Likes warm conditions. Preference is for soil on the good side of medium and for a soft mattress.

How fast will it grow?

Timor Black is slow for a bamboo. And growth rate depends a lot on climate, food and water as well as the weeds
Small bamboo plants are slow to get going, so starting off with a bigger plant will get you there much faster.

255mm pot; 0.5m tallavailable$70
300mm pot; 1.5m tallavailable$140
35L bag; 2-4m tallavailable$300
45 litre bag; 4-6m tallavailable$550
Will grow in warm spots in Sydney

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