Slender Weavers – Gracilis

slender weavers screen

Bambusa textilis Gracilis

From Southern China, another one.


A splendid ornamental with upright growth and attractive nodding tips to the culms.

Use in the ground or in pots.

Dense privacy, wind and dust screen. Thin walled culms are used for crafts, pipe stems

slender privacy screen


Grows 6-8 m high* x 25 mm in diameter, straight and graceful. Large leaves on this species just, you know, archetypical bamboo leaves, bit bigger.

Gracilis is our most popular screening plant, it responds well to an annual trim. Trimming to height late winter makes it a once yearly…event!

Hardy, it can be grown next to ponds or places where other bamboo species would become waterlogged. And, it takes cold down to -9C.

How fast will it grow?

Stand back! A fast grower. However, growth rate will depend a lot on climatefood and water.
Small plants are slower to get going, so starting off with a bigger plant will get you there much faster.

Gracilis form a clump that can get to 1.5 metres (5′), in diameter after a few years. Manage the clump at this time by removing the old culms (with a set of loppers, hand saw or small reciprocating saw), from the centre of the clump and around the edges as required.

*  Given moist conditions and good soil Gracilis can grow more than 10 meters tall!

So what’s it cost?

SizeAvailability    Price
255mm pot; 0.5m tallavailable$70
300mm pot; 1.8m tallavailable$140
35 litre bag; 3-5m tallavailable$300
45 litre bag; 5-6m tallavailable$550

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