Blue Bamboo

blue hedge

We have stopped selling this species in small pots.   It has proved to be unreliable grown in small containers. However, for in-ground planting we can supply freshly dug stock of Blue Bamboo grown for this purpose and we still have some 400mm pots available. Just ask.

We offer you Nepalese Blue(Himalayacalamus porcatus) as a substitute.

Drepanostachyum falcatum

Also called, Himalayan Weeping Bamboo

From: The Himalayas


Blue bamboo gets to about 3.5 m. (12′) high, with long, narrow leaves on arching culms. Current years culms are covered with a bluish bloom. Can take temperatures down to -29 °C!


A non-invasive bamboo that makes a wonderful garden feature or privacy screen.

blue indoors

Used for basketery in Nepal.


Blue Bamboo is a forest understory plant so don’t plant it in constant full sun. It prefers light shade for most of the day. Trim top once a year in winter and sides as required.

Growing indoors or under cover, mist leaves with water once a week. Sometimes, say monthly add seaweed tonic.


Bamboo flowers rarely, around once in 100 years. After flowering it sets seed then dies.
Blue Bamboo flowered in 1998 / 89.

How fast will it grow?

Of course, growth rate depends a lot on climate, food and water. Blue shoots throughout summer months.
Small plants are slow to get going, so starting off with a bigger plant will get you there much faster.

So what’s it cost?

300mm pot; 1-2m tallavailable$150
400mm rootball; 2m tallavailable$300

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