Privacy Screens

Home, the place to unwind. In private.


This is about the being-able-to-go-around-nude, kind of privacy.

Dress as you like. When you feel the need to extend your privacy zone out onto the balcony, into the garden. Defend it with privacy screens.

A low maintenance, evergreen privacy screen can transform your family life. Block out problems, keep the view. Before planting consider access to light. Privacy screens can be hedged. Better still grow a species that gets to 2 or 3 stories then stops.

Using Bamboo

It’s important to select the most appropriate species for the situation. A two story building can be hidden quickly using Slender Weavers Bamboo which grows to around 6 – 7 metres. Access to light probably wont be inhibited by a privacy screen as the building being hidden could be doing that anyway. Sunlight in the garden is a valuable asset. Screens to the north side, (or the south side when you are north of the equator) should be kept as low as reasonable. Consider smaller species like Stripestem Fernleaf and Blue Bamboo. Paved areas can be screened using pots or troughs. For invasive species such as Temple Bamboo plant in containers where Temple grows particularly erect and compact.

IMG_0107_opt (1)

*Strangely, sometimes just a slight breeze blows against a single, tall column of foliage pushing it sideways. Then, just when the bamboo looks as though it must spring back straight, it bends over even further as though it wants to lay down. Seemingly playing with the breeze until gracefully it straightens as though nothing had happened. Welcome bamboo lover.

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