Apartment Privacy

Get a private balcony


Unwind behind bamboo

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Photo: Thanks Jiro Asano

Hide the neighbour using tall bamboo privacy screening.

Fully foliaged, narrow and upright, bamboo can slot into narrow beds and hide 5 story buildings.


The balcony before…

After: Golden Bamboo

The balcony after: Privacy screen, Golden Bamboo in troughs. Cared for by Paul.

As well as food, water and good drainage, bamboo foliage likes sun. Not necessarily needed all of the day. A few hours, especially in winter should keep most of the hardy species covered in leaves. Some species e.g. Black Bamboo aren’t densely foliaged anyway.

Out on the balcony wind can be a problem. Leaves can adjust to wind that blows for some of the time only. To get started, the bamboo may need a bit of help from you. If planting during windy season erect some shade cloth until it becomes established.

Bamboo grows fast – or alternatively, Mr Bamboo can supply and install, privacy screens at full height already!

We have been mr bamboo for the urban environment since 1983. Happy to do maintenance and planting work around Sydney.

Mr Bamboo, I’m here to help you hide your neighbour and have privacy – quickly.

Not just privacy – Screens of bamboo interrupt the repetition of houses, modify wind, suppress dust, dampen noise…

For dignity in the suburbs hide the neighbours with a vista of bamboo

Everyone’s happy!