Temple Bamboo


Sinobambusa tootsik

Origin: China.



Temple forms a dense, upright screen when planted in a row. Does really well as a potted bamboo, in troughs for balcony plantings. Top trimming the of the culm induces the foliage to bunch into ball shapes at each node. As in the picture above. Very Japanese, where this method of trimming is traditional.

temple bamboo feature planting


Medium sized, running bamboo that grows 7 to 9 metres high, 3-4 cm (around one and a half inches), in diameter. Although, can grow up to 12 metres. Culms are almost cylindrical, up to 45 cm (18″) between nodes. They turn from jade to burnished yellow in full sun.

Lush, upwards pointing foliage. Ruby coloured, velvet textured hair, circles each node of the new shoots.

Nine metres (32′) high, will get you a full 3 stories coverage.


Full sun or light shade. We use this species in well lit, indoor plantings.


An elegant and hardy ornamental, traditionally used as tall hedges in Buddhist temples, where they may not use containers. But you should!

How fast?

Pretty fast is the scientific answer. New shoots in spring reach their full height after 6 weeks, or so. Leaves take a few months to set significant foliage. New culms aren’t densely foliaged for a year.

So what does it cost?

255mm pot; 0.5m tall $ 90 available
300mm pot 1.2m tall $ 185 avaliable Click to see stock photo
400 ml tub; 3-4m tall $ 425 available Click to see stock photo
500 mm tub; 5 m plus $ 475 available Click to see stock photo
7-8m tall $ 1050 ALSO we can supply Temple to 11m tall !

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