Establishing Large Bamboo


large bamboo planting

When bamboo arrives stand it upright preferably in shade, to prevent sunburn of the culms (stems), this happens quickly.
If it is a hot day, wet the leaves as well as the rootball
Ensure that the planting hole has good drainage.
When you dig a hole 45 cm deep and fill it with water does it drain away within 10-15 minutes? If not plant in mounded soil.

establish large bamboo

Big plants in containers have a large leaf area with a relatively small root mass – they can dry out quickly.
Because the rootball can be tightly packed with rhizome and roots it cannot freely absorb water supplied in volume. It simply runs down the outside of the rootball – not absorbed into the root mass.

Water should be applied slowly, over several hours. Use drippers or micro sprays positioned over the rootball.
When roots do grow into the surrounding soil they can access moisture from outside the original rootball. This will be as soon as a few weeks during summer and longer during winter.

Brace plants with guys to prevent movement of rootball.
Keep moist.

bamboo at Grosvenor Place

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