Fortune Inviting

fortune inviting in urban design

Fortune Inviting Bamboo  Shibataea kumasaca. Japanese Okame-zasa

From: South Japan, Kyushu.


The second week in full summer we cut it right back to the ground because soon afterwards new shoots will appear, just like a field of grass. The broad, light green leaves unfurl then they turn bluish.
In Japan it is used as live fences, flower garden edging, cluster plantings and ground cover.
In its home of Kyushu culms are dyed and then used for weaving.


Grow along borders as a low hedge clipped into shape or not, as undergrowth where it will suppress growth of smaller plants ie. weeds. It is also very effective growing over extensive areas as a ground cover where, with minimal help, it will dominate. Ah yes!


Fortune Inviting Bamboo doesn’t look like bamboo. And yet, whatever that thing about bamboo that evokes response is – Fortune Inviting has it. It’s a most attractive bamboo. Squat with broad leaves 30 – 50 cm high.


Fortune Inviting appreciates acidic soil, light shade & uniform moisture.

Look out. Leaves will brown off at the tips, but uniform moisture will help alleviate this. Acidic soil will reduce browning tips.

How much? $45 for a 200mm pot