Red Tongue Bamboo

Sinobambusa rubroligula
From Hainan Island, Southern China
Height 2-3m

Our Red Tongue indoors


Small, upright bamboo for pots.  A hardy plant. Responds to regular care. Densely foliaged, Red Tongue can dry out quickly, especially if kept in a small container. So use a saucer.
Grows in well lit indoors.  Allow a minimum light value of around 10,000 Lux (1,000 foot-candles).


Abstract foliage. Leaves both large and small facing every way in apparent confusion. However, the overall shape of the bamboo is quite regular and stiffly upright.
To select each species that we sell, we look for suitability for purpose and beauty. We have the opportunity to introduce a new bamboo to the urban landscape market. Each new introduction is preceded by years trialling for suitability then multiplying selected candidates.

This one is the bamboo we have been searching for.


Red Tongue’s suitability is that it is bushy in pots – and we think, good for growing indoors.

Planted here in 1978 and overlooked until we first potted it up for a trial, around 7 years ago. We each kept a plant in our homes. After a while it became obvious. “Bamboo for well lit indoors.”

See for yourself.

How fast will it grow?

Quite slow for a bamboo. It’s almost full size when offered for sale.


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