Moso in Spring
Overnight, purple and brown shoots push through fallen leaves.
Drops of the mysterious, bamboo sap sparkle on red and yellow bristles

moso in japan by jiro asano

Phyllostachys pubescens.

From: China


Under suitable climate conditions Moso can grow to heights of over 20m. Coupled with a diameter of nearly 18 cm.

Moso is characterised by Its numerous, small leaves. When Moso is a seedling, its leaves are quite big, but as a mature plant the leaves are dainty.

The new culms are blue-green in colour and covered with soft down.
Jiro Asano

moso bamboo


Moso flourishes in moist, well drained soil. Its height will be considerably reduced under warm climate conditions or if it lacks nutritional elements. We grow Moso in Sydney.
Temperate minimum  0 F, -18 C). Low winter temps assist in achieving its maximum growth potential


The first shoots of Spring
Bursting with special bamboo powers
Hey ho, Hey ho


Moso is the largest of all running bamboo yet has tiny leaves. Tens of thousands nod in the slightest breeze. Around Anji county in the Zhejiang province – China – hillsides are covered with velvet green Moso, feeding hundreds of small and not so small factories producing a huge range of useful products.

In Japan, Moso is considered by many as best eating bamboo.

the spirit of japan in a grove of moso

Small Moso is very slow to get going, really slow. Starting off with a bigger plant will get you there much faster.

Moso stock, minimum height 6 metres. Regular delivery vehicle can accommodate 11 metre plants. Contact us to discuss larger stock.

Smaller plants, in 300 mm pots – $120. at Terrey Hills. Please contact us to ensure availability.