Nepalese Blue Bamboo

Himalayacalamus porcatus

From: Nepal

Nepalese Blue is an ornamental weeping bamboo featuring soft blue culms (stems). It prefers a shady spot.
Will grow to 2-3mtrs in height and can be trimmed to suit its situation.


 2-3 mtrs, with long, narrow leaves on arching culms. Current years culms are covered with a bluish bloom. Can take temperatures down to 29 °C !


A non-invasive bamboo that makes an elegant garden feature or privacy screen.

A good container plant, suitable for indoors provided it receives good light.

Used for basketry in Nepal.


Nepalese Blue Bamboo is a forest under-story plant so don’t plant it in constant full sun. It prefers light shade for most of the day. Trim top and sides, once a year in winter as required.

Growing indoors or under cover, mist leaves with water once a week. Sometimes, say monthly, add some seaweed tonic.


We are offering Nepalese Blue as a replacement for Blue Bamboo which we no longer sell in containers.

How fast will it grow?

Call it fast in summer. Of course, growth rate depends a lot on climate, food and water. Nepalese Blue shoots throughout summer months.
Small plants are slow to get going, so starting off with a bigger plant will get you there much faster.

So what’s it cost?

SizeAvailability    Price
255mm pot; 0.6m tallavailable$50
300mm pot; 1-2m tallavailable$100
400mm pot; 2m plusavailable soon$250

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