Giant Timber


Dendrocalamopsis oldhamii

From: Southern Taiwan and South China


A splendid ornamental, used in urban situations to hide say, a five storey apartment block. The clump is quite erect and compact for its full height.

giant windbreak
Windbreak near Byron Bay, Northern NSW.

We have installed this species inside a large city building in Sydney. The culms reach through 4 levels. Oldhamii grows to 15 m or so. However, it can be kept small, even in a pot, just prune culms back to 2-3 m.


Useful as a tall Privacy Screen. In plantations for edible shoots and timber. In Taiwan this is the major shoot producing bamboo. In Southern China shoots are called Water Chestnut Shoots having a similar crisp texture.


Grows quickly to 15 m. New culms are covered with a white bloom which persists for the first year, gradually turn through green to yellow in full sun. New shoots emerge in summer and autumn to reach their full height in just a few months. The lower part of the clump is bare of foliage exposing the thick green culms.
Takes the cold down to -9 C.


Feeding is highly appreciated.

How fast will it grow?

Growth rate depends a lot on climate, food and water.
Small plants are slow to get going, so starting off with a bigger plant will get you there much faster.

Remove culms older than 3 or 4 years to keep the clump manageable.

SizeAvailability    Price
255mm pot; 0.5m tallavailable$50
300mm pot; 1.5m tallnot available$100
35 litre bag; 2-4m tallavailable$250
45 litre bag; 4-6m tallavailable$450
6m plusavailable $600

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