Giant Buddha Belly – Wamin

buddha belly

Bambusa vulgaris Wamin

From: South China


A splendid ornamental


A most remarkable bamboo. It reaches up to 5.5 m with culms up to 70 mm in diameter. The internodes swell out giving it the potbellied appearance that makes it so attractive, (repeat, pot belly = attractive).

After 3 or so years, new culm internodes are pear shaped. In older plants the new culms are even more squat between the nodes. After the first year or two, culms that get sun shine attain a yellow hue giving the appearance of age. Faded and pot bellied.

Low lateral branches are removed to expose the shape of the culms and encourage an umbrella of foliage to sit under for shade and privacy from eyes in the 4 story apartment next door.

Cold hardy to 2 degrees ‘C’.


Also extremely attractive when it is not swollen. In any case, the culms will grow in sculptural form as they seek the best light to set their leaves.

low branches trimmed to expose culms


A clumping semi-tropical bamboo that will withstand temperatures as low as -2° Celsius. Grown with little fertiliser Giant Buddha Belly produces the squat internodes. On the other hand, too much nitrogenous fertiliser induces fast growth and less ventricosing.

How fast will it grow?

After 2 -3 seasons it will start ventricosing along the culms
Growth rate depends a lot on climatefood and water.
Small plants are slow to get going, so starting off with a bigger one will get you there much faster.

So what’s it cost?

255mm pot; 0.5m tallavailable$50
300mm pot; 1.5m tallavailable$100
35 litre bag; 2.5m tallavailable$250
45 litre bag/500mm pot; 3-5m tallavailable$450
75, 100 & 150 litre bags. Big, swollen culmsavailable$1,200

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