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Removing Bamboo
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The cut and paint method of removing bamboo

get ready

One person cuts, while another is poised to paint herbicide onto the cut surface.
And for big jobs, a third person to remove the cut culms (stems) and keep the ball rolling.


1. Cut each culm within 150 mm (6") from the ground and within 15 seconds paint herbicide onto the cut surface, one brush stroke will do.

Timing is everything. The sap flowing through the plant withdraws downwards when the culm is cut.


2. Your job is to paint the herbicide onto the cut surface quickly so as to ride the sap down into the rhizome (underground stem).
Roundup or similar Glyphosate works best. We recommend to use the strongest dosage allowed on the product label.

Re-growth is treated in the same way. Cut off the bunchs of foliage, paint the remaining cut ends. And if it still comes back? Well, do it again.